Stolen Photos on the Web

Stolen Photos?

stolen photos on the web Paleo Osmunda Fern Spheres
our photo decorates other people’s websites

Yes, I see many of our photos in sites other than ours on the web. This is OK with us and pretty normal these days with all the social media available out there.

However, I see many photos of our spheres in other people’s websites and some with their own watermarks; those photos are simply stolen. Funny, some of these photos still have the same title I used in my Ebay store starting with siaz. Sia happens to be my first name. Hellooooo!

Should we be flattered or frustrated? Neither, just amazed of how low some people go to get a slight benefit at other people’s expense. We do not know what these people do with our photos but for sure they do not have the product to back them up. It took Dale many hours to make those spheres and I invested some more time to take the photos. They are our spheres and our photos. Shouldn’t the thieves, at least, give us some credit? I guess I am asking too much…