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 Specimen – Hemimorphite
Hemimorphite Blue Gem
Outstanding Hemimorphite Specimen Blue Gem

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Mineral Specimens:  Stone, Rock, and Gem Specimens

Click to see spheres made of Apatite, Azurite, Shattuckite

Gemstone Eggs:  Decorative, collectible

See spheres made of Jade, another Jade, Rubies in GraniteLapis

Polished Stones:  Collectible, Decorative, Palm Stones , Paperweights

Click to see spheres made of: Lapis  Mt Baldy Lapis

Fossils Polished or Rough:  Coral, Petrified Wood, Dinosaur Bone, Dinosaur Coprolite

Click to see spheres made of:  fossils   dinosaur coprolite Petoskey Stone


Rough Rocks and Stones

Click to see spheres made of:  Zacatecas Turquoisesilicon  ,  turquoise


Quartz Crystals

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