Libyan Desert Glass Sphere SPR5

0.96″ Libyan Desert Glass Sphere Rare Impactite SPR5


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Libyan glass,sphere,Libyan desert glass,impactite,rare ball,This Libyan Desert Glass sphere is rare and made of a  very old tektite … something like 26 to 29 million years old. The tektite was most likely formed from the sand which melted under the very high temperature generated during the explosion of an asteroid when it hit the earth somewhere in Eastern Sahara Desert. 

Dale made this unusual sphere from a piece of Libyan Desert Glass and he did an outstanding job.

This glass is yellow to greenish yellow and transparent to translucent with white inclusions and lots of bubbles (at least they look like bubbles). The sphere has 0.96″ diameter and it weighs 17g. 

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