Azurite Sphere

Azurite Sphere Congo SPR19


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Azurite sphere
1.5″ Azurite sphere Congo

Azurite sphere is rare to find because azurite is a very soft material. Dale used all his skill to make this ball and he did a good job. There are surface imperfections because, in addition to azurite, there is matrix material and malachite (green), both harder than azurite. There is also some porosity.

Having said all these, the ball has exceptional color and very vivid in one large section and the malachite inclusions give it an added interest.

This azurite ball is a rare and a great collector’s item.

The sphere has a 1.5″ diameter (about 38 mm) and it weighs about 3.3 oz.

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo.

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