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Hello World!! Welcome to our new home

new home on the web Outback Jasper Sphere Australia
4.4″ Outback Jasper Sphere Australia

It is sad, frustrating, inconvenient, and causes loss of business when the software of your website becomes obsolete and you need to create a new home on the web from scratch. Well, it happened to me.

However, there is always a positive side to all bad things that happen to us. In this instance, for me the positive was WordPress.  I like the flexibility and all the possibilities available to me while working on my new website.

Come and visit us at thespheremaker.com. The store is not fully populated with our spheres yet but it will get there. Here are some of the current listings:


Come and visit often.

The Sphere Maker

Author: Sia

We are Dale and Sia and we love to share our passion for rocks and gems with you. We live in California and part of the time in Oregon. We both retired early from the same corporation. Dale's background is in Instrumentation and Controls and Sia's in Engineering and Business. We share interest in the outdoors where we enjoy hiking in the most wonderful places, hunting for rocks, and taking pictures of mushrooms and plants. We also enjoy gardening. As a matter of fact, we maintain a nice variety of North Western plants and we grow most of our greens and other vegetables. Dale expertly made most of the spheres listed in this website.

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