Fossils Polished or Rough

Petrified Pine Cone Rare Fossil Patagonia FS11

This petrified pine cone is a section of a large Auraucaria Elongate pine cone. It comes from Patagonia.

This wonderful fossil pine cone section comes from our personal collection. We acquired this pine cone a long time ago when fossil pine cones were more accessible. 

This cone is not polished. All sides are natural, weathered, flattened, and tumbled by nature.

This Fossil Pine Cone is a very rare collector’s item.

Origin: Patagonia, Argentina. See a sphere made of petrified pine cone.

The specimen, based on its largest dimensions, is 3.62″ long 2.33″ wide and 1.53″ thick and it weighs 12.5 oz.

Price: $325.00. Shipping is free in the USA. For other countries please see the store policies

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