Fabulous Spheres

Fabulous spheres for sale in this store

High quality, rare, and out-of-the-ordinary Gemstone Spheres. Check them out.

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Agate Spheres Rare Beauties

Crystal Balls

Gemstone Spheres

Rare Spheres

Check for rare spheres in other categories as well.

Fossil Spheres

Jasper Spheres

Fluorescent Spheres and Minerals

Other Stone Balls

Small Spheres

These are spheres less than 2″ diameter also found in above categories.

Large Spheres

These are spheres of 3″ diameter and above from various categories. Click at the images to see more pictures, description, and Buy buttons.

Metal Spheres


We will continue to add more products; please visit often.

There are many photos in each listing so you can see the details. However, this may cause slow loading of the pages.

Most of the photos were taken outdoors in sunlight and from different angles and therefore, color differences from the actual spheres are possible.

Each sphere comes with a free acrylic stand.

Mushroom Cluster
Many Thanks! (Photo by Sia Dec ’14)

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