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We are Dale and Sia of The Sphere Maker and Petra Enterprises and we love to share our passion for rocks and gems with you. We have been selling spheres and other stones for over 20 years including selling on ebay for the last fifteen years. The Sphere Maker is Dale.

Beautiful Amanita Muscaria
Beautiful Amanita Muscaria, So. Oregon Coast (Photo by Sia, Fall 2011)

We live in Southern Oregon, at the coast. We both retired early from the same corporation. Dale’s background is in Instrumentation and Controls and Sia’s in Engineering and Business. Dale is native Californian; Sia was born in Greece. We share interest in the outdoors where we enjoy hiking in the most wonderful places, hunting for rocks, fishing (new activity) and taking pictures of mushrooms and plants.

We also enjoy gardening. As a matter of fact, we have a nice collection of North Western and other plants and we grow most of our greens and other vegetables.

Dale, the sphere maker, expertly made most of the spheres listed in this website. There are many photos in each listing so you can see details. This, however, may cause slow loading of the pages. Check our Fabulous Spheres and also our Rocks Fossils Minerals. Check the “Fabulous Spheres” menu to see all our spheres for sale in our website or click  Sphere Photos Slideshows for photos of these spheres (note: these links may be slow to load on some devices).

A small sample of our spheres

Why does The Sphere Maker makes spheres?

Because Spheres are:


  • one can see the beauty all “around” the stone
  • it feels great to hold and admire them


  • Spheres are very cheerful and decorative
  • Large spheres or groups of smaller spheres make for a very unusual and attractive centerpiece or other decor for home or office
  • Rocks, fossils, and minerals, and therefore spheres, come in many colors, so one can even coordinate the sphere decor with the colors in a room


There is such a great variety of rocks, fossils, and minerals that are or can be made into spheres so that one can start a collection and keep collecting for a lifetime


There is value added to the stones/rocks when made into spheres and, based on the quality and rarity of the spheres, one may have a very nice investment in a sphere collection



Metaphysical, healing, and other


They provide an opportunity to learn about rocks, fossils, and minerals and teach others as well.

Check our Fabulous Spheres. We will continue to add more products. Please come back.

To contact us, please send us an email:

Contact@thespheremaker.com or thespheremaker@gmail.com

Many thanks form the Sphere Maker
Many thanks from the Sphere Maker (Photo by Sia, Fall 2015)


∗ we are not familiar with these type of properties of the stones.

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